Test installation

Before aquiring any new product, you’d like to make sure it will be the right solution to your needs. Therefore, we offer you the opportunity to carry out a test installation.

We install the CIS mobile together with you on a Windows server you’d provide us with. After the installation and the configuration with your SAP ERP, you have the possibility to evaluate the CIS mobile with your company’s data. It allows you to rapidly see for yourself how easy and efficiently it runs even if your company should have a large amount of data. 

As regards to the test installation, we install a  60 days free trial licence. It thus allows you enough time to present the CIS mobile in your enterprise and to put it at the disposal of the end users for testing.

The installation and the configuration thereof are offered to you at a fixed price of € 2'000.– You therefore get the certainty of being able to test the CIS mobile with your own data in a very short period of time.

The offer is subject to the following prerequisites.

Upon your request, we carry out a demo straight away after the test installation

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You can also effectuate the whole installation by yourself following our detailled installation’s instructions. To that we will simply send you a valid 60 days trial licence.

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