Prerequisites TEST installation

In order to be able to offer you, as a customer,  the test intallation at a fixed price you have to fulfill the following prerequisites :

  • Configuration of a Windows server with activated IIS (from Windows server 2008 onwards with at least 2 GB RAM and 1 GB free memory space).
  • An external access must be possible (only temporary, eventually by means of Remote desktop or Teamviewer)
  • Providing of an Admin user on this server (recommandation = cisadmin)
  • On the server, it must be possible to install additional softwares (SAPGUI, Visual Basic from version 2012 onwards, one HTML Editor and our middleware S10).
  • SAPGUI scripting must be activated on the concerned SAP test system.
  • Import of the SAP transport orders we put at disposal to your SAP test system
  • Providing of a SAP user with the appropriate credentials on the SAP system in order to create the VIS information structure respectively to activate it. Furthermore the user should have development credentials in order to be able to accordingly manage the customer exit in the interface.
  • The transfert orders must be done without time delay towards the respective test system.
  • Should you already want an external access to the test installation by means of https.// , it's your responsability to get a certificate and set your firewall parameters in such a manner that the access is possible.
  • Should you already want to use the Outlook interface, you should put a user at disposal that has the credentials to make entries in others calendar on your Hosted Exchange Server (refer to  Exchange Impersonisation)

Any substantial higher workload or delays occurring because of missing prerequisites will be charged additionally.