CIS mobile

You get the whole of CIS mobile on a renting basis:

Yearly rent fee Up to  20 users € 6000.–*
  Each addtionnal user € 240.–*

All rent fees include maintenance and updates.

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Test installation

You can take advantage of our fixed price offer for a test installation :

Test installation 60 days trial licence € 2000.–*

The following items are included in the test installation:

  • Installation of the CIS mobile on your Windows server
  • Import of the SAP interface
  • Programming of the Exit for assignment of the customers to your field workers
  • Connecting of a CIS structure for the displaying of the yearly and monthly key figures
  • Demonstration of CIS mobile with your data retrieved from your SAP ERP

The offer is subject to the following​ prerequisites.

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*All prices are exclusive of V.A.T.