Add On's

There are currently 48 add on’s in the whole CIS mobile. The table therunder gives you an overview of the actual possible enhancement options. You can programmate the add on’s yourselves or ask us for a quotation according to your needs.

As regards to some add on’s, some examples are already included in the CIS mobile.

Possible enhancement options

Integration of reports retrieved from SAP ERP

Integration of Web queries retrieved from the BW ont he reports’ overview

2 add on's on the entry page
7 add on's on the customer’s overview
3 add on's when displaying the contacts
5 add on's when displaying quotations (header)
6 add on's when displaying quotations (position)
6 add on’s when displaying material
5 add on's when displaing orders (head)
6 add on's when displaying orders (position)
4 add on's when displaying item overview
4 add on's when displaying the account overview

Preventing the displaying of certains conditions (for ex. VPRS and margin)