Functional scope 

The following functions are included on a standard basis in CIS mobile:

Functions Standard
Displaying of the master customer data x
Displaying and modifying of master data classification
Displaying of key figures (incoming orders, turnover, number of orders) based on the CIS information structure retrieved from the SAP ERP x
Displaying of key figures (order entry, turnover, number of positions) based on query out of the BW
Creating, displaying, modifying and delating of the contact person x
Displaying of the partner functions x
Displaying of complaints x
Displaying of rabate agreements x
Displaying of contacts x
Displaying of long texts customer x
Displaying of the stored documents and uploading of other documents x
Displaying of the consignment or returnable packaging stock x
Displaying of equipment and related service orders
Creating, modifying and displaying of the activities(contacts, telephone calls, etc.) x
Creating, modifying, displaying and printing of the quotations x
Creating, modifying and displaying of orders x
Simualtion of pricing and availability x
Displaying of purchasing’s material frequency x
Displaying of overdue items x
Displaying of figures retrieved from the accounting system, per year, period, document x